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Watch My "Starting Long Range FPV" Video

How to start long range FPV with simple mid-range flying

From the PinchTune Kwad Blog

Historic Boris B Mini FPV Freestyling Video

Let’s take a look at the video that helped define the hobby of mini quad FPV flying. Before this video, nobody had really seen the possibilities that freestyle mini quad FPV flying brought to the table. After this, well, the rest is history.

Rotorgeeks 2204 2300kv Motors Overview

The Rotorgeeks 2204 2300kv multi-rotor motors are quality mini quad motors designed to perform on par with the most popular motor at the moment, the Cobra 2204 2300kv motor, while offering better build quality. Here’s a first impression.

FPV Racing 180 Quad Best Battery Size

It took a lot of thinking and calculating, but I arrived at a conclusion as to the best battery size for a 180 FPV mini quad. This article will tell you my thought process in choosing a performance LiPo for my new 180 build.

PinchTune World Launch

This marks the official launch of PinchTune and the very first intro piece to mini quads, racing drones and other multirotors. That’s our specialty! Control your drones!

PinchTune YouTube Channel

For us FPV pilots, our YouTube account is kind of a big deal. See, that’s where we post our exploits and achievements.

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