Welcome to PinchTune World! This is a site dedicated to mini drone racing drones and other similar multirotors. This is one of the most fun and fastest growing hobbies around.

When it comes to fun, unique and challenging hobbies you simply can’t beat multirotor racing, otherwise known as drone racing. This is the world of PinchTune. We build own multi-rotors from scratch. Why? Because we take risks and we will crash… and crash hard. If you can build it then you can fix it. That’s why we vouch for “build your own” drones.

This approach will also teach responsibility and care. This is a type of care and responsibility that simply cannot be attainted from spending tons of money and buying an off-the-shelf multirotor. In fact, we believe that if everyone built their own drones we wouldn’t have so many problems with people being reckless.

Mini Quad and FrSky Taranis

That said all said, we’re not against high-end multi-rotors like the DJI Phantom, DJI Phantom 2 and DJI Inspire. We love those too for the right application, such as aerial photography and high-end aerial video. You just can’t achieve that kind of footage with a racing drone. They are a whole other type of machine. It’s the irresponsible flying that we are against. We know plenty of good and responsible AP (aerial photography) pilots. So, there. 🙂

Well, here we go. There is lot to do around here. In the meantime, it’s time to charge a couple of LiPo packs… I mean, at least 10 LiPos and go for a good FPV session. Take your time to look around and get acquainted with PinchTune if it’s your first time here.

Blackout S Mini H Quad - PinchTune

Absolute fun!

By the way. PinchTune you ask? What does it mean? Real simple. Pinch comes from pincher — Those people like me that use both their thumbs and index fingers to pinch the control sticks on our transmitters. Then tune is of course what we spend most of our time doing with our mini quads… tuning them. Yeah, that takes quite a bit of time. Multirotor tuning is a rocket-science-artform. Plus, tuning is never complete. There are always more tweaks one can do.