I want to take this opportunity to give you the details on my process for Team Blacksheep Unify Pro HV VTX preparation for all my quads.

To begin, let me tell you that I don’t ever leave them just like they come from the factory. They’re fine as they come. However, they are not cheap. For that reason I like to do my best to make sure they are set up correctly and that they last a long time.

First of all, I use silicone conformal coating on just about all my electronics. The VTX is no exception. In fact, my coating of choice, MG Chemicals Modified Silicone Conformal Coating is perfect for video transmitters because it possesses some very practical high temperature properties. As you already know, VTX on FPV mini quads get extremely hot.

Having to coat it means I have to cut off the factory applied shrink tubing. Luckily, Team Blacksheep has been supplying the latest batches of Unify Pros with an extra bit of shrink tubing.

Shrink Tubing Replacement

While I have the shrink tubing removed, I also decided the position of the u.Fl connector. Furthermore, I will also decide at this point whether or not I’m going or replace the stock u.fl pigtail with a right angle one or perhaps an AXII u.fl antenna. This is the time to do it.

Let’s not forget, I also use liquid tape to help hold down the u.fl connector before I go shrink wrap the VTX again.

Watch the Video

That’s the gist of it for Team Blacksheep Unify Pro HV VTX preparation. Of course, it’s all on video. Now, watch the video to see all the details on how I go about it. Keep in mind this works for many other VTXs too — Not just the Team Blacksheep Unify Pro HV and 5G8 VTXs. Note that the newest style HV VTX now comes with two screws to help hold the u.fl connector in place. These don’t need liquid tape. The MMCX pigtail version does not need liquid tape either.

That’s it! Watch the video. Learn how to do it. Finally, subscribe to the PinchTune YouTube channel while you are at it. Thanks.